Resource Library

The Resource Library is an evolving online repository of best practice in research management and administration.

notebookWe aim to provide documents, information, weblinks and other material relating to legislation, regulation and developments in best practice that research managers and administrators may find useful in their roles.

Many items in the Resource Library are accessible only to ARMA members. Others are available for all to view.

  • Use the menu on the left to find resources, or use the search box at the top right of the page to search the whole website.

Note that links and information in the Resource Library are suggested by members for the benefit of the community. Hence the presence of an item does not necessarily indicate endorsement by ARMA.

Suggest a resource...

We are always looking for new information and resources that you find useful in your day-to-day research support role, and think other members will appreciate.

Resources might be:

  • Links to technical information or products
  • Copies of papers on current issues
  • Guides to best practice
  • Policy summaries or statements
  • Template forms or documents
  • Summaries from Special Interest Group (SIG) discussions
  • Case studies produced by your research support team

Please your suggestions for resources, or ideas for things you'd like to see in the Resource Library.

ARMA's strategy....

ARMA's strategic prioritiesAs outlined in our Strategic Plan, we will consult with our members to develop resources that enable their continual professional development. We will improve existing member services and maximise opportunities to develop new offerings that reflect emerging trends in research management and administration and support members’ career development.