How to Join

Join ARMA online today and become part of our professional community!

Individual membership

To join, simply click the 'Join Us' button at the top right of this page and complete the online forms.

Once you have submitted the form, an invoice will be generated for the membership fee. You can pay this online, or print and pass to your Finance department for payment.

Your online membership starts from the day you submit your online form. Our membership year runs from 1st April-31st March. We currently have no pro-rated payments, so your membership will take you to 31st March of the following year.

If you more to a new role, you can take your membership with you and simply update your details online. Please note that memberships cannot be transferred to other members of staff.

If your ARMA membership has lapsed and you'd like to re-join using the same email address, please do let us know. We can reactivate your account for you.

Group Membership

Our group membership means that, if a number of colleagues within your institution want to join ARMA, they can do so at a discounted rate. So, for each individual member who becomes part of a group, a discount is applied. If you would like to discuss a new group, email us on

For individual and group membership rates, click here.

Claiming tax relief on your membership subscription

ARMA is named on HMRC's list of approved professional bodies: you can claim tax relief on your membership subscription at your usual tax rate - either 20% or 40%. You can find out more about how to do this on the HMRC website.

Tax relief can be claimed on the full individual ARMA membership fee i.e. £95 (or the relevant reduced fee if you pay in a group) for the current year.

Note that tax deduction claims are handled by the HMRC not ARMA, and are not available for retired members or those outside of the UK.