Privacy Statement

This statement describes the personal information we collect on this website and how we use it. We have notified the Information Commissioner's Office of our use of personal data. ARMA may change this policy when required by updating this page. You therefore should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective from 1 May 2015.

This policy only applies to the ARMA website and not to any other website to which we provide links.

The Association uses electronic communication (email and this website) as its primary means of communications with members and other users of its services, as well as between members of its Board of Directors and its subcommittees.

Personal information

For certain uses of this website, we collect and store personal information (your name and contact details) - mainly in connection with membership records and event bookings. It is a condition of membership and of making a booking that we are able to collect and store personal information online. We never collect data which is classified as 'sensitive'.

We may provide your details to third parties in the interests of developing and delivering membership services.  These third parties must adhere to this Privacy Policy and relevant Data Protection legislation to ensure data is used only for the intended purpose i.e. the provision of an ARMA membership service. Under no circumstances will the third party be permitted to us the data for any other purpose.

Viewing and changing your data

Your data will be stored in our online database. You will be able to set your own password so that you can access and  check your data (in My Profile) at any time.

ARMA staff can check data on any member if necessary. You can make changes to your own contact data at any time. The only other people who can make changes to existing data are ARMA staff.

The ARMA membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March.  If you do not renew your ARMA membership by June 30th, your record will automatically be classified as lapsed. It will be accessible via the website to the Association's staff only. We do not immediately delete your record in case you rejoin later, so that it can be reactivated, and so that we can keep a record of the number of non-renewals. We may occasionally use this information to contact you.

As our data is held on a website it can be accessed worldwide. In practice, all pages displaying personal data are password protected; the individuals who can change the data are all in the UK. Fewer than 1% of members are not based in the UK.


‘Cookies’ are small text files that are stored by your browser on your computer, mobile phone or other device you use to access websites.  They do not contain personally identifiable information.

Some cookies are essential for the functioning of this site. Some are only require to enhance your experience or inform us about site usage enabling us to improve your browsing experience. You can block or restrict the non-essential cookies using your browser settings. Visit for more information.

Essential cookies

"__ac" cookie is required to maintain your logged session as a Member of ARMA. This is removed at the end of your sessin, when you close your browser.

Non-essential cookies

We use Google Analytics to anonymously track how people use the site. Google set several cookies ("__utma" to "__utmz") Some are deleted after the session. The longest remain for two years. More details on the Google website.

The site uses to allow you to share pages in various social networks. may also set cookies. More details on the Sharethis website.

The site contains uses  a Twitter widget to display ARMA's twitter feed. Twitter may also set cookies. More details on the Twitter website.


When you book a place at an ARMA event, we will ask you for your name and contact details. We will use these to contact you in relation to the event, on your invoice and in pursuing any late payments.  Your name, title and organisation will be included in the delegate list which will be provided to all delegates at the event, and which may be made available to them electronically in advance. The delegate list is also available to speakers and exhibitors at the event. After the event (and when your payment has been received), your data is archived and can only be accessed by staff of the ARMA Executive Office.

Membership and communications

When you apply to join ARMA online, we will ask you for your name and other contact information.

We will maintain contact with you via email, so you must have a valid email address for us to accept you as a member. The ARMA Executive Office communicates with all members using a single list to which only ARMA staff have access.  We do not sell or provide our membership list to any other organisations.

We have retained an 'open' list - - which is moderated by ARMA staff.  We are not the data controller for this list and it is not, therefore, covered by this statement. Individuals can join/unsubscribe from the open list at any time.


If you have any question about this policy, please contact the Membership & Communications Coordinator.

June 2000, revised April 2015