Video: Research Contracts

This is film of the one-day ARMA workshop which is an introduction to research contracts, specifically aimed at research managers and administrators who need to understand research contracts as part of their role.
Event TypeOnline Resources
When31 Aug 2017
WhereOnline Resources
Delegate Price£50.00 +VAT

The programme will cover the following areas:

  • what research contracts are and when and how we use them
  • an introduction to contract law
  • the key elements of a research contract
  • when and how standard agreements can help us
  • issues that arise in the course of contract negotiations

The event will examine specific case studies and use information gained throughout the workshop to highlight key issues, understand the implications of certain contracts or individual terms, make informed decisions and help develop contracts which are fit for purpose.

Target Audience

This course is targeted at staff in research support roles (whether in departments, faculties or central research offices) who come across research contracts in their day-to-day work and support the contract process, including those who are not necessarily contracts specialists.

Contract specialists who are new in post will also find this a useful pre-cursor to the more detailed 3-day workshop offered by PraxisUnico, as part of their national training programme aimed at technology transfer professionals working in universities, research institutions and industry.

How it works:

Once you have confirmed your booking on the ARMA events page, you will receive the link to your video. This will be available up to one month from receipt of your confirmation email. The link will also include access to the free activities for the course and accompanying worksheets.

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