Sustainable ARMA

Addressing environmental and social responsibility is a priority for ARMA. We recognise the significant environmental, social and economic challenges facing society on an unprecedented global scale but believe that as an Association we can contribute to the required solutions.

In terms of our routine operations, we must account for and minimise the negative impacts of our activities on the environment and will do so by enacting a number of initiatives designed primarily to reduce our carbon and carbon equivalent emissions.

We will however focus largely on promoting the net positive impact of our Association, recognising the wider benefits that effective research management and administration can have in facilitating excellence in research, including that which identifies solutions to complex, global challenges.


The overwhelming majority of ARMA members belong to institutions, public bodies or private organisations that have similar sustainability policies, practices and processes. Establishing a structured approach will:

  • Empower members to make informed decisions on how to engage with their Association and their employers in a positive and constructive manner
  • Empower members to make decisions that are aligned to wider institutional, sector and ARMA values, as well as legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Empower the ARMA Executive Office and Board of Directors to make informed decisions and understand the value of those decisions both as individuals and as part of an organisation that has environmental and social responsibility at its core
  • Identify areas for operational efficiencies and financial savings
  • Establish ARMA as a sector leader in environmental and social responsibility
  • Enhance ARMA’s reputation amongst members, strategic stakeholders and commercial partners